REP Backyard Ultra Practice Day

Hello everybody,

On Saturday, December 29th starting at 8am we will be doing a backyard ultra practice day. What is a backyard ultra? We run a 4.16mi loop every hour and start a new loop at the top of each hour. The loop consists of pavement, gravel, unmodified farm roads, single track, and some new trail that I won’t acknowledge as single track yet. There will be about 450′ of elevation per loop and, ideally, we will be doing this for eight hours. Oh, and expect a lot of mud if the weather forecast doesn’t change.

So, why bother doing this? Mostly because I signed up for a backyard ultra in March and really, really need to get some miles in. Also, I want to get a feel for the format because I find it an interesting idea. The actual backyard races go until there is only one runner left, Big’s Backyard Ultra (the original and coolest and it is named after a dog) has had runners go over 200 miles each of the last two years. Eight hours of running sounds easy when compared to two and a half days of running, doesn’t it?

Since we are starting at the top of each hour runners are welcome to join us for a lap or two or eight.  Just make sure you are there on time. The backyard ultra waits for no one.

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