A Day in the Backyard

On Saturday, December 29th we hosted a backyard ultra practice day. It was a cool, overcast day with the temps floating around 40ºF and a chilling wind up on the hill. Altogether there were eleven runners who toed the line for a lap and everyone completed at least two laps. While some were out just for a few miles five of us had aspired to run the full eight hours. The format of the backyard ultra does not make for the quickest group run but it does allow runners more time to socialize and hang out. Admittedly, it is fun to ring the bell too.

Dennis, Jason, Gabe, Juston, Mike, Mary, Michael, and Brent prepping for the first lap. Cole and Brad ran some laps with us too. 

At the end of the day only three runners (Juston, Jason, and Gabe pictured below) made it the full time. Dennis came in with seven hours and Mary (last woman standing), Michael, and myself all made it six (though I had planned on doing more). Gabe and Dennis, who traveled down from Coshocton, had a cooler full of Wooly Pig which I believe is now the official beer of REP. Jacolenne and Chad came to cheer us on for some loops and Julie provided us with pizza and ramen noodles. We appreciate everyone who participated in some way, our area has a great trail running community!

Want to know more about our backyard ultra day? Check out the video Jason has created about our REP Backyard Ultra practice.

Additional note: Gabe set the Strava course record on the loop. On his last lap. Averaging 7:35 minute miles on some muddy trails. Jason and Juston dubbed him the winner for the day.


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