Ray’s Trail Race

The 2020 Ray’s Trail Race has been cancelled due to COVID-19.  Hope to see everyone in 2021!

In addition to the 50k we will be hosting a 10-miler, a 5k, and a 4 person 40k relay.  The race course will be 10k loop that swings back by the start / finish line around the three mile mark.  The trails are a combination of unmodified farm roads, single track, and double track that have around 150-200 feet of elevation per mile.

Some quick race info:

-There will be portajohns located near the start / finish for every loop.

-Each mile of the course averages 150-200 feet of climbing. While this is a lot less than you get with some mountainous races the elevation is deceivingly relentless. Runners swear it is all uphill….which is impossible. It just feels like it is all uphill. The first half of our 10k will be the Groundhog Falls 5k course: https://www.strava.com/segments/15066153

-There is an indoor restroom / changing room. As of right now there is only a cold shower but we hope to have that changed by September 2019.

-Runners and teams will have space to setup a tent / personal aid station area near the course. We have a lot of green space so there is plenty of room for things like that (within reason…if you bring a giant inflatable pub that would be an issue unless the race director gets to drink for free).

-While the course is spectator friendly there is not a lot for people to do other than spectate the race but you do see people every 3-4 miles!

-For the team relay each runner will complete his or her full 10k loop before the next team member starts.

-Soups, drinks, beer, and other post-race food will be served.

-While our races are small we often get some very good runners so there is a good bit of competition.

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