Flying Pug Trail Run

The Flying Pug Trail Run is less than a week away. Please note that there will only be 5 day-of registrations allowed because of the timing program that we use. If we have too many day-of registrations we will not be able to update the system before the start of the race.

Race Location:
4695 Rucker Road, Mount Perry, OH 43760

-Spectators will be able to see runners start, cross through miles 4.5, 6.2, 10.7, and then finish all from the same location.

Race Day Schedule:
8:00am Packet pickup and day-of registration opens (located in the large white farmhouse)
8:50am Packet pickup and day-of registration closes
9:00am Race Starts
-Awards will be given as runners finish
1:00pm Course closes
2:00pm REP closes

REP Information
-There will be portajohns available near the course start / finish. 10k and 20k runners will pass by the start /finish around 4.5 miles into the 10k loop and a self-serve water station will be available 2.5 miles into the 10k loop.

-A full aid station is available at the start / finish.

-There is a location to hose off but no showers are available.

-There is a changing room in the farmhouse.

-Parking is located close to the start / finish.

-The 10k course map can be viewed here (reminder that the 20k is two loops)

Trail Information

-The 5k and 10k runners will have two road crossings while the 20k has four road crossings. All of the road crossings go straight across a rural gravel road that has very little traffic, however, the drivers do have the right-of-way so be sure the road is clear before crossing.

-The trails are a mix of single track, double track, and unmodified farm roads. Some sections have a steep camber (sideways slope) to them which makes running tough.

-The first trail bottleneck is around one mile into the course and with our small races runners never really get backed up anywhere.

-There are water stations or aid stations every 2-3 miles regardless of the distance you are running.

-Sections of the trails contain roots, rocks, and other natural hazards so it is advised to keep your eyes on the trail at all times.

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